Trump Convicted, Declared Bankrupt, and Imprisoned for Life

The American people have spoken. Hate will no longer be tolerated in the country that was formed on the principles of freedom and equality.

In the days after Donald J. Trump won the Presidential election through a faulty electoral college system, millions of people expressed their shock and anger that a narcissistic man who campaigned with lies, promoting hate and violence, would become the leader of the most powerful nation on earth. They voiced their opinions through social media, signed petitions, and protested in the streets.

But what became the turning point was when an epidemic of hate crimes started to erupt all across America in both red and blue states. Innocent citizens of all ethnicities were accosted with racial slurs, told to “return to your country” even though they were born and raised in the US, and sadly, some were shot at during protests. A few even died. All because a Pandora’s Box of hate and anger was opened up by the Trump-Pence campaign.

People then began to realize that President-elect Trump was not going to do anything about it. He wasn’t going to apologize for a campaign that helped him to win the highest office. He was too busy putting his Transition team together, which consisted of his children, loyalists, and political insiders who would benefit Trump’s personal and business causes, not those of the American people. The “swamp” that Trump said he was going to clean up became his own bubble bath.

The victims of these hate crimes realized the only thing that would get Trump’s attention was whatever affected his pocketbook. So, one by one, American citizens began filing lawsuits against Donald J. Trump, the Trump-Pence campaign, and Trump, Inc. Some even tried to sue the Republican Party, holding them responsible for not stopping a candidate who unleashed this deadly virus of hate.

Finally, a class action lawsuit was put together by a brave law firm. The case became known as America v. Trump. It was clear that the majority of Americans did not want to live in a country of hate and violence. Even though only a disenfranchised few were causing these acts of terror, America didn’t want to be a country where children were yelling racial threats to their classmates, where women and minorities were afraid to walk down the street, or where free speech was suppressed by fear.

This class action lawsuit was unprecedented. Never in the nation’s history had a President-elect been sued by the American people. The Supreme Court had to step in and put a halt to the transition. President Obama’s term was extended until a ruling could be made. A temporary Martial Law was declared to stop the violence.

The Supreme Court made a unanimous ruling in record time. The results of the 2016 election were declared invalid. The major political parties in the 2016 election were told to choose their candidates for a Special Election to be held in 90 days during which they could campaign. The Democratic Party chose Bernie Sanders with running mate, Elizabeth Warren. The Republican Party chose Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan. The Libertarians and Green Party resubmitted their candidates, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, respectively. Two Presidential and one Vice Presidential debates were held.

It was a peaceful campaign with all parties discussing the issues and laying out their plans for America. People across America discussed what was important for their lives, the future of their children, and America’s place in the world. President Obama encouraged communities to come together to heal the wounds. Town Hall meetings and community potlucks were organized to encourage dialogue about culture, religious beliefs, what it feels like to be discriminated against, economic hardships, healthcare, energy, the environment, the role of media, corporate power, and other issues ignored during the original campaign.

On election day, which was declared a National holiday, there was an unprecedented 95% voter turnout. People cast their votes. The Sanders-Warren ticket won by a landslide. The nations of the world applauded at the courage of the American people.

What happened to Trump? The Supreme Court ruled Donald Trump and the Trump Campaign culpable for all the hate crimes initiated during the Presidential campaign and after the 2016 election. They awarded $100 to every citizen and resident of the U.S. In addition, a $500 million dollar fund was set up for the victims of hate crimes and to support non-profit organizations that provide counseling and relief to victims. Ivanka Trump and Hillary Clinton were appointed to work together, without salary, to appropriate funds to these victims and charities. This naturally led to Trump liquidating all of his assets and filing for personal and Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Trump was sentenced to life in prison, but with possibility of a shortened sentence should he follow through with counseling for his racist remarks, sexist behaviors, and compulsive lying disorder.

What a satisfying ending to a horrible nightmare which was the 2016 Presidential elections.

But when I woke up this morning, I realized that the nightmare was still real and the rest of it was a dream. Trump was still the President-elect. His completely bogus Transition Team was still choosing their cronies to fill the most important leadership positions in America. The protests and hate crimes still continued.

But change begins with a dream, as one major change agent, Martin Luther King, Jr., said some 50 years ago. So, just maybe, if enough of us have the same dream, we can make it a reality.

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