Be Bold and Unafraid

Posted on June 28, 2018

Creative work, such as writing a novel, is a challenge – for me, anyway. Finding the time to write when you have a full-time day job. Having the discipline to stare a blank page every day until the words start to flow. Or just dealing with the self-doubt that you can even accomplish a huge undertaking. But nothing great is ever accomplished by running away or being cautious. The only way through is to be bold and to trust thatRead More

My Favorite Films of 2016

Posted on February 26, 2017

The 89th Academy Awards are tonight, so I thought I’d share my favorite films of 2016. Since tastes in entertainment are very personal, I’m not going to say these are the best films of 2016. I’m also not going to predict which movies will win at the Oscars. I’m just listing the movies that moved me, made me think, or that I would recommend for others to see. I’d love to hear your feedback on these films or which ones from last year were your favorites.Read More

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